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Private Practice Star Audra McDonald Engaged to Will Swenson!

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Audra McDonald is giving marriage engagement rings another shot!

The 41-year-old Private Practice star and four-time Tony Award winner is engaged to Broadway star Will Swenson, Us Weekly can confirm.

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"Thanks for all of the sweet congrats on our engagement," McDonald tweeted Tuesday. "We're super happy and excited."

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This will be second marriage for McDonald, who divorced bassist Peter Donovan in 2009 after nine years of marriage; she and Donovan have a daughter, Zoe Madeline, 10. It will also be the second for Swenson, 38, who has two sons -- Bridger and Sawyer -- with ex-wife Amy Westerby.

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The couple met in 2007 while costarring in Broadway's 110 in the Shade. They began dating in 2010.

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Lubna Hamdan

Monday, 28 December 2015 10:33 AM

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Tuck children into bed and keep them covered

Our guest and home product today is Kuviez (pronounced Kuv as in cover and iez as in easy. It may be an unconventional name but the premise is exciting for childrens beds. Moms will love the fact that someone has devised a way to keep children covered in bed all night.

Kuviez in blue

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Black hair care products I can use to help my 15month old daughter's hair grow

Natural hair products are the best route. Alot of hair products, so they say are good, are not really good for a baby's hair. If you look at the ingredients on the label its like 1,000 different things right!?... Not good. Look for things like sodium chloride which will let you know it's a no no. Findind a natural oil or grease and keeping it braided and not messing with it alot will make it grow. Think about it... Look at people with dreds. How does their hair grow so long? Because they use natural products such as bees wax and don't mess with their hair they http://www.dinosaurcribbedding.info/ just let it grow. Alto of https://www.babygizmo.com/ combign and putting alot of pony tails and balls etc in your baby's hair is only irritating stopping it from growing and breaking it off. Try braids without beads. Trust me.

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How to Design an Engagement Ring

Many people are only comfortable shopping for diamonds at high-end jewelry houses. However, while the recognizable brands provide peace of mind, they usually have a substantial mark-up. Using a consultant or independent jeweler allows you to take part in the entire process from selecting the stone to collaborating on a design. Not only will you create an extremely personalized, one-of-a-kind piece, but you will usually maximize the value of your ring.

Whether you take the traditional route or use a personal jeweler, there are a few steps you should take before you start the exciting, yet somewhat daunting process of shopping for a ring.

Decide on a budget. Many people use three months' salary as a guideline, but there are no hard-and-fast rules. Diamonds have historically appreciated in value over time, but dont feel pressured to spend more than with what you're comfortable.

Timing is very important. Allow yourself ample time to do your research and source your stone. Diamonds are like snowflakes each one is different. So it may take a few weeks or even months to find the one that is perfect for www.engagementringunder500.com you.

Know which shape you want. Many people confuse cut with shape. Cut refers to the symmetry and proportions of the stone. The shape is the style or shape into which the stone is cut. "Round Brilliant" is the most classic and popular shape for engagement rings. Other sought-after shapes include "Cushion," "Asscher" and "Emerald."

Try to avoid a pre-set diamond. Once a diamond is set, it is quite difficult to examine the stone. The most important and expensive part of the ring is the diamond. You should buy that first and then choose the setting.

Communication, no matter how subtle, is key. Ideally, your future wife will wear the ring every day for the rest of her life. You want to make sure that it is something she will absolutely love. More and more couples are shopping for rings together. If you prefer to surprise her, however, try to have a sense of what she would like. Consult her best friend or mother, or do some window shopping together at your local jewelry store. The more information you have, the better.

Know her ring size. Another necessary piece of information is your intendeds ring size. Of course, the easiest way to obtain it is to ask, but that may ruin the surprise. Another way is to bring the jeweler a ring she wears on her left ring finger and have him quickly measure it http://www.helzberg.com/category/engagement.do for you.

Buy a stone with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate. Read the report carefully. Confirm that the carat weight, cut, color and clarity grades match the information you were given. Note the report number and then verify the report at www.gia.edu.

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Byline: Karl Kunkel

Right out of the gate, the inaugural Las Vegas market is the year's most important bedding show.

Most of the top 10 bedding manufacturers will have a substantial presence there, as they have snapped up ample permanent and temporary space to vie for attention from the expected flood of retail buyers.

Several of these exhibitors are introducing collections, merchandising programs and design innovations. Of particular note is the fact that in recent years many key brand names in bedding had been opting out of exhibiting at markets, choosing instead to keep their showrooms at their corporate headquarters whi

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Jeweller Rajesh Exports buys refiner Valcambi for $400 million | Reuters

MUMBAI Jeweller Rajesh Exports Ltd (REXP.NS) has agreed to buy Swiss company Valcambi, the world's largest gold refiner, for $400 million to secure raw material supplies at lower prices and add technological expertise to expand operations at home.

Rajesh Exports, the world's largest gold jewellery maker, will next year raise the capacity of its Indian refinery to 200 tonnes per year from 80 tonnes now with the help of Valcambi's technology, its chairman Rajesh Mehta told Reuters on Monday.

Rajesh Exports sealed the all-cash deal after a global engagement rings for sale sales https://www.theknot.com/getting-engaged process conducted by Valcambi's owners, led by U.S.-based Newmont Mining Corp (NEM.N) that has a 60.6 percent stake in it and will continue to supply Valcambi with raw material for the next five years.

"Valcambi can fulfil entire gold requirement of India," Mehta told a news conference, adding the deal will help it get gold bars at lower prices.

India is the world's biggest consumer of gold, with annual demand hovering around 900 tonnes per year. Valcambi has the capacity to refine as much as 1,600 tonnes of gold a year, nearly double India's annual consumption.

Credit Suisse, which once owned Valcambi, will fund nearly 30-35 percent of the acquisition cost, Mehta said and the remainder would come from Rajesh Exports' internal accruals.

"Valcambi has world class refining technology. So it will help the Indian company in setting up or expanding refining capacity if it wants," said analyst Bhargava N. Vaidya of B.N. Vaidya Associates.


Over the past three years, Valcambi has on average refined and sold 945 tonnes gold and 325 tonnes silver per year.

"Nearly 50 percent of our gold bars lands in India through direct and indirect channels like banks. Now we can sell gold bars to many more customers directly," Valcambi Chief Executive Michael Mesaric told Reuters.

Valcambi's senior management team, including Mesaric, will join Rajesh Exports to help the ownership transition and future expansion, the Indian company said.

Mesaric said in the statement that Valcambi would look to use Rajesh's technical expertise to produce innovative gold products in the European markets.

Shares of Rajesh Exports ended 1.6 percent higher at 540.85 rupees after hitting a lifetime high of 549.70 rupees earlier in the day. The shares have nearly quadrupled so far in 2015.

(Additional reporting by Aman Shah; Editing by Richard Pullin and Susan Thomas)